Where in Turkey can foreign nationals buy?
Freehold property or land may be purchased by the above listed foreign nationals, from a Turkish national or another foreigner, provided the property is in the local district.

What documentation will I need ?
Your passport is the only documentation you will need to purchase a property in Turkey.

Can I get a mortgage in Turkey to finance my purchase?
Yes, Foreign Nationals are now eligible for mortgages or other financial borrowings depending on the property they wish to purchase. Contact us for further details.

How will I pay for my purchase?
Most customers arrange finance through their bank or finance company prior to travelling to Turkey or arrange it as soon as they return home.

Do I need to open a bank account in Turkey?
No, you do not have to as you can transfer the money straight to the seller’s account from your bank back home. However, most people do open bank accounts so funds can be transferred prior to travelling and so funds are available for contract completion and it is beneficial so you can arrange your direct debits to pay utility bills. We will assist you if you wish to open an account.

As a property owner, do I need to register for Tax in Turkey?
Yes, but this is a very straightforward procedure, which we can guide you through.

Can I get house and contents insurance in Turkey?
Yes, many well known international insurance companies and local Turkish companies offer building and contents insurance. Earthquake Insurance is now compulsory in Turkey and is readily available and a straightforward transaction.

How will I set up Utility Services — Gas, Electricity, and Telephone?
As part of the buying process we will assist you to do this. There are one off set up costs — Telephone Lines are not currently offered to non nationals but Mobile phones with Pay As You Go Cards are readily available.

How will I pay these bills when I am not in Turkey and if the property is being rented?
We will guide you to open a bank account and you need to set up a direct debit so that all your bills will be paid even if you are not in the country.

Is satellite TV available in Turkey?
Yes, a wide range of satellite TV services are available in Turkey to view European TV channels.

Will I be able to rent my property on long term or short term basis and if so what can I expect to get for the rental?
Turkey is an increasingly popular destination for Europeans, and resorts are also popular with Turkish tourists during the summer months. Long term Rentals are normally on a 6 month or 1 Year Basis. 6 month rentals would normally only be for summer months, so if you want to use your property then long term options would not be feasible. Properties can also be let out on a daily and weekly basis. Prices are property and time of year dependent.

If I want to sell my property in Turkey, are there any restrictions and what are the costs?
Resale costs would be approximately 5% comprising of sales tax, local documentation and legal fees. Property may be sold to Turkish, or foreign nationals without restriction. Because of the change in law (Decree 32 August 1989) the lira is now convertible so proceeds of the sale of a property can be converted to whatever currency and subsequently transferred to any country you choose.

What are the medical and dental care facilities in Turkey?
Turkey has both public and private facilities available. Private facilities are to a very high standard and costs are approximately 40-50% cheaper than other European countries.

Can we get private health insurance in Turkey?
Yes, Private Health insurance is readily available in Turkey and costs again are considerably cheaper than at home. Individuals who are travelling to Turkey for 3 months or less and hold private health insurance at home should be covered, but please check this with your Insurer before travelling. For those looking to spend longer periods of time or retire in Turkey, then we would recommend that you explore the Global Policy currently on offer with VHI or are covered by an Insurer in Turkey.

Can I will my property to my beneficiaries?
You can make a Turkish Will and leave your property to your beneficiaries, however if you don’t make a will, all property goes to your next of kin.

Are there capital gains tax charges or any other taxes if/when I sell my property in Turkey?
Capital gains from the sale of a property are taxable in Turkey if the owner is a Company. Individuals do not have to pay capital gains, provided they have owned the property for one year. If your normal place of residence is UK and you are categorized as a normal tax resident, then capital gains may be taxable in UK. Where a double taxation agreement does not exist with a particular country, there are provisions within the UK Taxes Acts which allow unilateral credit relief against UK tax for tax paid in the other country in respect of certain types of income (e.g. dividends and interest). Please note that New Taxation agreements with Argentina, Turkey and Ukraine are in the course of negotiation. We would recommend that you consult with a tax expert in UK on this matter prior to selling your property.

Can I bring my pet to Turkey?
Yes, currently you can bring one cat, one dog, one bird or ten fish to Turkey by obtaining a certificate of origin and a certificate of health not more than 15 days prior to travelling. Airlines will also need to be advised of your intention to bring a pet with you when booking your flights. However, please remember that pets will be quarantined if you are returning from Turkey.

What legal representation should I have when buying a property in Turkey?
Under Turkish Law, no legal representation is needed when buying or selling a property in Turkey as all documentation issued by the Land Registry Office is legally binding in its own right. Gold Sun properties will manage the entire buying and selling process on your behalf but some individuals feel more comfortable having legal representation.